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SimSol Technologies & Services Pvt. Ltd. is a private limited company incorporated in India promoted and managed by professionals with 200+ years of experience in Processes and Technology in the BFSI domain. SimSol’s mission is to provide world-class products and technology solutions to banks and help them achieve their strategic intents quickly at reasonable costs.


The term SimSol has been coined from Simple Solutions. SimSol builds next-generation products based on technology that really helps enterprises achieve their objectives easily and quickly. SimSol intends to break the existing IT software development practices and create a unique experience for enterprises. SimSol designs are pattern-based and modular to enable quick development & deployment.


We're now serving India's leading Banks!

Why SimSol?

We work end-to-end, simply because it makes better products

We, at SimSol, don't just deliver lines of code like a traditional development company. Instead, we sit with you and guide you through the entire end-to-end process - From Ideation & Process Optimization, UI/UX Design, Technology Development to Growth Strategy and Scalability. This is because our products are extremely flexible! We thoroughly believe that the results are a by-product of the processes we put in place. Hence, the best product is developed with the entire process in mind. Most IT companies miss this or just don't care. They play by your BRDs and try to monetize on every available opportunity. For us, "complete products that solve your problems" is everything. If all the stakeholders don't come together, you end up with a poorly designed piece of technology, that creates more problems instead of solving them. If you create the pieces in isolation, they will never fit together in a way that matters. Thus, we only take on projects only where our products can meet your business requirements end-to-end.

We obsess over designs and processes before we even write a line of code

Most development companies neglect good design. This can be seen in older products, where to save costs, they just provide basic fields with horrible background colours and fonts. We believe that great, thoughtful and familiar design, drive the products and so we look at all our projects from a design-first mindset. Importantly, we sit and understand our clients' mindsets, their acceptance to change and the capability/availability to ride the learning curve. This helps us design simple looking products with familiar designs for the clients which the users can feel comfortable with while we crush all the complexities in the back-end. We believe, our lack of understanding shouldn't hinder the users when they use our solutions. We refuse to write a line of code until we get your designs spot-on because we believe it matters that much. Our products are so familiar and intuitive to users that most users feel comfortable using them instantly!

We are agile

While documentation is all well and good, it shouldn't come at the cost of business suffering. As we co-configure and enhance our products, we start with the process of planning and develop wireframes well before any kind of documentation is created. This helps us to continually keep the stakeholders updated with the potential UX/UI, processes in the back end and IT framework needed as we keep going. Most development companies will start coding only after all documents are signed-off and in large ticket-sized solutions, this can set back timelines by nine to 18 months. While documentation and sign-offs can happen simultaneously, we believe businesses shouldn't suffer because of paperwork. We manage to accommodate, enhancement requests during UAT and delivery to production because of this agility. We have managed to deliver for UAT most of our deployments within 60 to 90 days from the date of the purchase order. 

We have embraced test-driven development

Our test-driven development has ensured the least bugs. All our products are cloud-native and deployable on-premise. We do thorough testing on all our products, and we are in the process of implementing CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipeline. 

We are ruthlessly honest

Most development companies will build whatever you tell them to. We can too. If we feel that your processes won't mix well with our product, we'll just tell you so. Other times, if the product is just not the right fit and we aren't afraid to tell you that either. We aren't going to tell you what you want to hear. We are going to tell you what you need to hear. This is the only way to build great products. We are not simply after your money to sell you anything you want. We are here to grow with you. In fact, we have once declined a multi-million rupees business opportunity, simply because the client actually had too many products in place and our's would have only added to the complexity of the process. Instead, we helped them simplify their processes thereby increasing their efficiency, reducing their costs and more importantly, gaining their trust as partners. If you are looking for a fully invested partner, then you will love our honesty.

We co-configure and keep our egos aside 

Most companies come with big egos. We don't. We're not afraid of being wrong as we're only humans. What matters to us is correcting what went wrong in the best way possible. No piece of technology developed was delivered perfectly. We keep optimising our solutions to make them lighter, more agile, and more importantly, scalable. We are a democratic organisation with no designations. We firmly believe that all employees have equal rights and all decisions affecting them, they should have the right to vote on it. While we don't expect the same from everyone we deal with, we believe the best products can be made only when everyone contributes towards it. All our deployments so far have been co-configured with the client's actual users of the products and decision-makers only supervising the journey, intervening only when we needed their inputs. These solutions are now helping our clients reduce costs, save time and solve an actual problem which they were dealing with.

SimSol is currently focusing on building the following three lines of Business-

  • Products & Services

  • Consultations

  • Application Development & Support Services

to Services

Products & Services

SimSol is building products around the areas currently not covered by current set of products in the marketplace. Given the level of experience in the BFSI and other domains by the SimSol team, we have discovered many areas of pain by Business, which are manual and does not get covered by standard off-the-shelf products available in the market. 


Proprietary products by SimSol

Simdhara copy.png

SimDhara is a platform for banks which aims to automate critical but non-core activities of banks. It is a modular platform and each module tackle a specific problem area. ‘Sim’ comes from our company name, as is the case with every product, to remind that every problem has an easy solution and 'Dhara' (Dhaa-ra or Dh-ra) means "Constant Flow" or "Earth" in Sanskrit. It goes to show how our platform will flow into areas that the core systems cannot perform thereby supporting the business like the Earth supporting its life-forms. The modular design of the technology stack developed using agile methodology will lend support to the business to incorporate changes in future quickly. The platform is designed and built by bankers for bankers.


SimDhara is created in a modular fashion using the SimRule engine and SimKalash datastore. This makes SimDhara extremely scalable and capability to have that exact module as required.

Some of our products are:


Consultancy Services

At SimSol, we believe in knowledge sharing. For that reason, our projects come with consultations free of cost. However, if you do not require our products and only wish to consult us to understand various technologies, suitable processes, business options, or scaling opportunities, we are happy to assist you. The cost of such consultations is variable based on the time, resources etc. You may get in touch with us for a quote.

Application Development & Support Services

SimSol provides Application Development and Support services to its client in the most optimized model (Onsite or Offshore) in an Agile methodology to deliver the most comfortable experience to the Business Teams. Our stringent quality procedures coupled with a Best-in-class Technology selection process and experienced delivery skills help customers derive maximal returns for their IT spending. We help customers to


  • Identify the business requirements and the solution roadmap

  • Define the best-fit solution architecture and technical design

  • Validate requirements and fitment by means of prototypes and demos

  • Build and integrate the solution

  • Conduct demos to ensure no surprises and all build is as per requirements

  • Facilitate business validation and user testing

  • Manage solution release and rollout

  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support


Our services also include Technology Consulting, which covers a review of existing enterprise/application architecture and solution design against best practices, technology improvement recommendations and transition planning.


SimSol has expertise in Digital, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Technologies to help customers in their digital transformation journey.



Registered Office: 704 Onyx, Nirmal Lifestyle, LBS Marg, Mulund West, 

Mumbai - 400080.


Corporate Office: 317, Nirmal Corporate Centre LBS Marg, Mulund West, 

Mumbai- 400080

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