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Discover the most nuanced banking technology with SimSol.

We’re changing the way banks in India think about banking technology

Come and experience the wonders of the latest technologies. We at SimSol, take pride in developing solutions with unprecedented quality and finesse! Let us help you reduce your costs, improve scalability and take you to the next era of banking technology!


Older solutions have outlived their utility. This can be witnessed in various legacy systems where decade old enhancements are still pending. The use of age-old technology does not help either. With SimSol, you will be readied to take on the upcoming decades. 

Artificial Intelligence

We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services!

Our partners and vocal champions for the last five years

Yes Bank Limited

Axis Bank

This is Scolend. Scolend is a lending-in-a box solution for Banks and NBFC's


India's first comprehensive, next generational end-to-end retail banking solution. Lend, Co-lend with Scolend.   

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All of SimSol's solutions are web-based, which means they can be accessed from any whitelisted network. 


We have the capability to integrate with almost all of your existing solutions. This means that you can start using Scolend at the earliest without having to disturb your business/operations more than necessary.   

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Stunning dashboards to view key matrices on a real-time basis. Customised dashboards to see exactly what you want and keep the rest of the data on the back seat for when they come in handy. We know how much everyone loves a good MIS. 

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A different approach, using a new method of banking technology

Tired of having spent money on solutions and still having to do them manually? We understand your pain. 

No fancy PPTs, just solutions that mean business. 

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