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Scolend is a state-of-the-art application for lending and co-lending business.


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Co-Lending will be one of the most sought-after products in the lending space. Complexities in doing this business require continuous collaboration between the originator and the co-lender, offering transparency to the borrowers. Not surprisingly, the pace of growth of co-lending has been slow due to a lack of in-depth integration between the parties.  

Scolend is a state-of-the-art application for lending and co-lending business. It helps originators and co-lenders manage the lifecycle of the loans in compliance with regulatory requirements. Designed and developed by a team of core bankers, this application immensely helps banks and financial institutions eager to adopt technology to grow their loan books. Infact, Scolend is also equipped with a document manager microservice that helps determine what documents are required by your organization and at what stage in the loan process.


Following are some of the key functionalities available in Scolend:


  1. Scolend is a powerful scheme configurator enabling lenders to introduce loan products quickly. It supplements the lender’s go-to-market strategies. 

  2. Scolend supports multiple Interest Schemes, like fixed rate, floating rate, tranche-based fixed rate, hybrid rate of interest & fixed rates to the borrower.

  3. Scolend supports term loans (both for fixed EMI – variable tenure & fixed tenure – variable EMI), revolving limit loans with tranche disbursements, and supply chain loans (dealer and supplier finance with relevant exposure limits). 

  4. Scolend enables the configuration of charges with different sharing ratios between the lenders to be recovered before or after loan disbursement.

  5. Scolend assists with setting up the Loan document scheme for each product,  as defined by borrower type & geography. Our Document Manager module is developed to collect documents stage-wise and ensure strict compliance smartly.

  6. Scolend enables lenders to create smooth workflows with its Lending Process Designer Engine (LPDE).

  7. Scolend’s Domain Rule Engine (DRE) facilitates the implementation of credit models.

  8. Scolend interfaces with CIBIL, NeSL, NSDL (for PAN Validation) and NACH management (Subject to approval from respective service providers).

  9. Scolend helps the credit approvers by offering a 360° view of the loan application and related information in one place.  Thus, enabling quick decision-making. 

  10. Scolend supports GL set-up for managing the originator and the co-lender relationship. The embedded powerful distribution engine seamlessly allocates principal & interest, income & expenses as defined in the respective schemes.

  11. Scolend also provides data for smart NPA management by the lender.

  12. Scolend enables compatibility with the GL systems of primary and co-lending institutions, facilitating standardisation in their lending business.

With Scolend, you can be a trendsetter and experience the power of blockchain and Smart Contracts!

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