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Terms & Conditions

You are requested to read and understand the terms and conditions below.

Applying for a position does not mean you automatically get hired.  Application is an expression of interest on your part and the company shall have the final say about your application status.


At the time of interviews, if any, you must disclose any facts, personal or otherwise, that you feel is important for the company to know as your potential employers. This may be including but is not limited to any criminal history, drug abuse/consumption, or medical history (seizures, anxiety, depression etc.).   


We, at SimSol, employ candidates only on the basis of merit. We do not have any quota system or any discriminatory practices in place. It simply does not matter to us how you lead your personal life, but at SimSol you will not experience any bias on the basis of your caste, religion, race, disabilities or sexual orientation. We take pride in the fact that we are an inclusive organisation and you shall be given an opportunity solely based on your merit. 


You agree to share all the required data as and when requested for background checks, reference checks or statutory compliances. You understand that we reserve the right to deny you an opportunity or terminate you once appointed should you not be willing to share the required information.


One or more rounds of interviews may be held before finalising the offer to you. You must attend each interview and your performance will be judged by the interviewer. Interview(s) may be task-based or verbal.

(Not applicable for Internships)

You agree that on the off-chance you do get an offer letter and you accept, you are required to join on the date mentioned in the offer letter. Should you not join as agreed, SimSol has the right to recover the recruitment cost from you. This cost will be the actual cost spent on you for various things like background checks, reference checks and/or the fees paid for you to a recruitment agency. The same shall be applicable in case you are found to have lied about any material fact in the application or in the interview(s). 

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