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SimSol was incorporated as a private limited company on February 10, 2011. Founded by a former banker, our focus, even today has never left the banking sector. The purpose of founding SimSol was to take Indian Banking to its next chapter. A chapter led by technology and great minds. We will help you get the technology part right, so you can use great minds to do what they do best.   


Redefining the way 
Bankers see and use Technology.

Most people even today are reluctant to implement new technology fearing it will put them out of jobs. However, we feel technology is only an enabler which will help people reach greater heights. When technology works in tandem with capable human resources, it can lead any organisation to success. 

Dr. T. R. Deepak-Founder of SimSol Technologies & Services Private Limited

The Visionary - Dr. T. R. Deepak 

Our Journey So Far



SimSol was founded on February 10, 2011, by Dr. T. R. Deepak and Shanthy Deepak.



Though founded in 2011, SimSol commenced operations only in September 2015. SimSol had its first meeting with board members, mentors and group heads at Mumbai.

Why SimSol?

We work end-to-end,    simply because it          makes better products

We, at SimSol, don't just deliver lines of code like a traditional development company. Instead, we deliver whole solutions. It starts with us meeting you where you are and guiding you through the entire end-to-end process - From Ideation & Process Optimization to Technology Development to Growth Strategy and Scalability. This is because our products are extremely flexible! We thoroughly believe that results are a by-product of the processes we put in place. Hence, the best product is developed with the entire process in mind.


Most IT companies miss this but we don't. They play by your Business Requirement Documents (BRDs) and try to monetize on every available opportunity. For us, "complete products that solve your problems" is everything. If all the stakeholders don't come together, you end up with a poorly designed piece of technology, that creates more problems instead of solving them. If you create the pieces in isolation, they will never fit together in a way that matters. 

Most development companies neglect good design. This can be seen in older products, where, to save costs they just provide basic functionalities with horrible colours and fonts. We believe that great, thoughtful and familiar design, drives the products and so we look at all our projects from a design-first mindset. More importantly, we sit and understand our clients' mindsets, their acceptance to change and the capability/ availability to ride the learning curve.


This helps us design simple-looking products with familiar designs for the clients which the users can feel comfortable with while we crush all the complexities in the back end. We believe, our lack of understanding should not hinder the users when they use our solutions. We refuse to write a line of code until we get the designs spot-on because we believe it matters that much. Our products are so familiar and intuitive to users that most users feel comfortable using them instantly!

We obsess over designs and processes before writing a line of code...

and then we obsess    over the quality of the code

We have embraced test-driven development with agile technology

Our test-driven development has ensured the bugs are minimal. All our products are cloud-native and deployable on-premise. We do thorough testing on all our products, and we are in the process of implementing the CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipeline. 

Most IT companies will commence development only after all documents are signed-off, in large solutions, this can set back the timelines by nine to 18 months. While documentation and sign-offs can happen simultaneously, we believe the business should not suffer because of paperwork.

We are able to accommodate our client's requests to configure the solutions during UAT and delivery to production because we are agile.


We have managed to deliver for UAT most of our deployments within 60 to 90 days from the date of the purchase order. 

We can build whatever you tell us to, just like any other development company. The key difference lies in the value that we wish to deliver to our clients.


If we feel that your processes would not mix well with our product, we will just tell you so. Other times, if the product is not the right we are always there to guide you. We are not going to tell you what you want to hear. We are going to tell you what you need to hear. After all, when you are paying for something, you should get your money's worth and then some more. This is the only way to build great products.


We are not here just for the sale, we are here to grow with you. In fact, we have once declined a multi-million rupee business opportunity, simply because the client already had too many products in place and our's would have only added to the complexity of the process.


Instead, we helped them simplify their processes thereby increasing their efficiency, reducing their costs and more importantly, gaining their trust as partners.


If you are looking for a fully invested partner, then you will love our honesty.

We are ruthlessly honest

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SimSol Code

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