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Our studies have shown banks struggling with old technologies and a lack of scalability. Imagine how powerful you can be if you had the latest technology and infinite scalability. Well, now you don't have to imagine - Just experience it.



With the unprecedented use of Blockchain technology, Scolend is engineered to be capable of collaborating with any organisation with the highest degree of precision and safety. Get smarter with Smart Contracts. Create and maintain a different database with each co-lender. It's banking technology reimagined.

*In the pipeline, and a paid option.



We know how important time is for bankers! For this reason, we have modernised various interfaces familiar to bankers. This enables users to feel comfortable and use the system intuitively.


Familiar interfaces mean less time learning new things. A few functionalities may need training, but you have us for that! Watch users stay productive without losing much time. 


We have developed apps to back our solutions to attain greater efficiency and lower operational costs. Users can make decisions based on real-time information and seamlessly update the systems without having to worry about data security.



Measures have been taken during development, to ensure the financial institution's and customers' data are safe.

The app encrypts the data and stores it until a network is available to update the core systems. 

No data is stored on any local devices.  


Real-time information is made available to the users or capabilities are given to obtain real-time information so that re-work can be avoided. This saves the organisation thousands of man-hours and expenses over a few years.

Web App

Web-based solutions like Scolend are software applications accessible through the internet using a web browser. They are designed to be platform-independent and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. They are often more cost-effective than traditional software solutions because they require less hardware and software installed on the user’s computer.

Whether you're a small up-and-coming NBFC or a leading bank, Scolend has much to offer. Along with simple and familiar user interfaces, Scolend is also highly configurable, allowing organisations to tailor it to their specific needs without the need to come to us to have it developed. Say hello to an affordable 'lending-in-a-box' solution - Scolend.  

We understand organisations rely on various technologies and solutions to run their operations. That is why we proudly offer an integration-enabled solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and workflows. Scolend is designed to function as a 'lending-in-a-box solution, but what sets us apart is our ability to integrate with the tools you're already using. We excel in API-based functions and can use your existing systems, like CIBIL, NeSL, UIDAI etc., to help you save on additional costs.  

Some of the benefits of an integration-enabled solution include:

  • Increased efficiency: With data automatically synced between systems, you'll save time and reduce the risk of errors caused by manual data entry.

  • Improved data visibility: By bringing together data from multiple systems, you'll gain a complete view of your business operations and be able to make more informed decisions.

  • Customizable workflows: Our integration-enabled solution allows you to customize your workflows and automate tasks across multiple systems, streamlining your processes and reducing the need for manual intervention.

  • Error elimination and fraud prevention: With Scolend, there will be minimal manual intervention, eliminating errors and fraud.

Integration enabled


In a sector as dynamic as banking, any delay in service provision can have a huge negative impact on the business. To prevent this, a large amount of relevant data is needed and the ability to interpret the data and the course of action. 


With Scolend, you can have the edge as Scolend provides real-time information and the ability to create schemes on the fly. In a competitive market, being the first to market is essential and Scolend can help you achieve just that.

With stunning Dashboards and customised MIS reports, Scolend will give you just the information you need to see while keeping the rest out of sight and only for back-end processing. 

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