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SimDox for PDD!

SimDox simplifies Post Disbursal Document (PDD) Processing



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SimDox Manages the PDD collection process and checking for the correctness, authenticity, and archival of the PDDs

  • What is Chassist?
    Chassist is a fully integrated surround system developed by SimSol Technologies and Services Private Limited (SimSol) to manage end-to-end NACH (including e-NACH)/ECS transactions in a secure environment with operational controls, workflows and well-defined processes. It does both Mandate Registration and Transaction Processing.
  • Why should you choose Chassist?
    The banking industry is witnessing tremendous growth in the NACH mandates as it offers significant advantages to both the financing banks and the borrowers. Banks actively encourage their customers to opt for the NACH route for repayments. Most banks have several EMI cycles dates for processing repayments of retail loans. For in-house customers, i.e., Existing-To-Banks (ETB) clients, Banks directly recover the EMI amount from their accounts within the bank through Standing Instructions (SI) obtained. For other bank accounts, the recovery of EMI is through ECS or NACH Mandate given by the customers or presentation of post-dated cheques (PDCs). Recent mandate from the governing body states that no customer data should flow outside the bank. So far, banks were using third-party vendors to the mandate processes. Chassist will help comply with this mandate.
  • What are some of Chassist's capabilities?
    End-to-end Mandate Management (including e-NACH) (Sponsor Bank) End-to-end Transaction Processing (Sponsor Bank) Integration with the Loan Management System (LMS) and other internal vendor systems H2H Seamless Integration with NPCI system Integration with Email and SMS gateways of the bank for triggering Notifications Customized Reports related to mandate and transactions management
  • What happens in the Demo session?
    Our team of experts will give you a free demo of our product(s) as well as discuss how our solutions can be configured specifically to your business requirements.
  • Can we get a Proof of Concept (POC)?
    SimSol does accept POCs for a charge. This charge is based on the actual effort that will go into the POC based on its scope. However, on success of the POC, when the organization places an order for the solution, this amount already paid will be reduced from the license/subscription cost.

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