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Post Disbursal Documents (PDD) are always causing interdepartmental stress. While compliance is important, with PDDs, much work gets lost in transition due to the sheer number of documents to be collected, processed and archived. Additionally, the collected documents can get damaged, lost in transit or just not clear to work with. These issues end up creating friction between various verticals. 

SIMDOX is an end-to-end solution by SimSol for managing the PDD collection process and checking for the correctness, authenticity, and archival of the PDDs. The system also allows documents to be sampled before archival to ensure all documents are in place and all the details are correctly captured to avoid any fraudulent submissions.


The solution streamlines the entire process by bringing clarity to all stakeholders and defining the tasks' ownership. By defining the roles and responsibilities, SIMDOX ensures that all stakeholders perform their jobs, and inter-departmental friction is eliminated by properly communicating what is expected from each other. SIMDOX is a solution which can make use of SIMGO - SimSol's app, which can further increase the efficiency of the users while reducing costs for the organisation. 

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