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Scolend is an integrated platform for lending. It offers advanced credit decisioning capabilities, including credit scoring, risk assessment, and loan origination.
This is SimSol's document manager solution


in Scolend


Scolend's Document Manager is a master-driven microservice which can define what documents are required by your organization and at what stage in the loan process. One of the biggest pain areas for customers is the constant demand for more and more documents at various intervals. Now you can solve these issues by intimating to them in advance what documents would be needed at what stage so that the customer and the employee know exactly what is to be shared and when. 

The document manager can cater to any and all kinds of loans and help organizations launch new products efficiently without having to worry about compliance.

Being master-driven, more and more documents can be added to the master to be used in existing and new offerings of your organization. 

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